Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy Portishead Choral Society explains your rights to the information we hold about you, the types of data we hold about you, how we keep this data safe, and the legal basis we rely on for processing your information.

  1. You have the right to see what information we have on you and to correct it if it is incorrect. Please ask the Secretary if you would like to do this. If you leave the society we will delete your data within two years, earlier if you ask us to, unless you owe us money or are owed money by us.
  2. We hold your contact information (name, initial(s), title if you give us one, postal address, your telephone number(s), and your email address if you have given us one). We hold your voice section (SATB) and how you heard about us. We hold whether or not you have agreed that we can claim Gift Aid on your subscription fees and donations. We hold how much you have paid in fees and donations.
  3. The data we hold about you as described in 2) is never given to any third party, or to any other member of Portishead Choral Society without your permission. Examples include: HMRC if you have given us permission to claim Gift Aid; another member whose offer of a lift you have accepted. To safeguard your email address emails sent by Trustees, Officers, post-holders and volunteer members co-ordinating offers of help are sent using Bcc. To keep your data safe the Trustees and Officers who hold it on a portable device such as a laptop, memory stick or phone, encrypt their files so that the data is password protected. Any data held on paper is locked away.
  4. The legal basis for processing your data as described in 2), under the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force on 25th May 2018, is the “legitimate interests” of Portishead Choral Society. This covers all the things we need to do to operate as a Choral Society. Things like: telling you about rehearsals, concerts and returning music; asking for your views about any issue affecting the Society; telling you about requests from our local community (schools, charities, care homes, families interested in us singing at their special service); giving you news from previous or current members or about our accompanist and Musical Director, and keeping you informed about our two sister Choral Societies and other local choirs.
  5. We may take photographs of the choir singing at a concert to display on our website, but we will ask for your consent if you are identifiable in any image. We may record the choir singing for publicity purposes, never for commercial purposes. If you are identifiable in a recording (for instance as a soloist) we will ask for your consent before making it available on our website. Our legal basis for processing your visual and audio data is “consent”.