The Society is run by a committee of trustees, elected at the Annual General Meeting. Other members of the Society serve as officers, and attend committee meetings when necessary. Our Musical Director attends committee meetings by invitation.


  • Chair: Richard Wall
  • General Secretary: Richard Wall / David Yates
  • Treasurer: Susan Hobbs
  • Concert Secretary: Miriam Dunn
  • Soprano Representative: Micheline Williams
  • Alto Representative: Sarah Stevens
  • Tenor Representative: David Yates
  • Bass Representative: Roger Philips


  • Librarian: Jane Pagano
  • Publicity/Advertising: Colin Buck / David Yates
  • Webmaster: Colin Buck
  • Facebook Editor: Vacant
  • Ticket Sales: Helen Adams and Enfys Hughes
  • Making Music Representative: Richard Wall / Susan Hobbs
  • Archivists: Alex Cottrell and Judy Sack