Comments on Handel’s Messiah on 24 March 2018

“I thought the choir sang their socks off”
– One of trumpet players in the orchestra

“I was particularly impressed with the choir who sang with real verve and polish …… and I thought the pp start to the Amen was extremely effective – as, indeed, was the participation Hallelujah
– Nigel Davies

“Things that are in my memory still ………………. that unaccompanied Amen. I think, having spoken to a couple of the chorus yesterday, that that is one of the bits they were proudest of too. “
– Martin le Poidevin (bass soloist)

“absolutely fabulous”
“vivid and enthusiastic “
“moved to tears”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the concert on Saturday night – a really impressive performance. I tried not to join in out of fairness to those sitting around me, but I did hum along to the Hallelujah chorus and I breathed every breath with you altos throughout the rest of the evening! The unaccompanied Amens took me by surprise and you executed them very well – when the orchestra joined in you were still beautifully in pitch and that’s not easy, I know. The whole choir seemed very alert, very attentive and very together. And the words were very clear. Well done. It really was very good.”
– Members of the audience